Moose Utility Flexgrip™ Pro Gun Rack -

Moose Utility Flexgrip™ Pro Gun Rack



  • If hunting to you could mean using a shotgun, rifle, bow or muzzleloader the FlexGrip™ Pro is the rack you need!
  • It features 15% larger forks for extended carrying capabilities, 360° of rotation and an amazing 16" of width adjustment for the perfect fit every time
  • All rack adjustments can be made in the field without tools
  • The forks feature Variable Fit Technology that adapts to provide a custom fit for guns, guns in a soft case and bows
  • The specialized Bow Limb Slot keeps bows stable and is compatible with modern parallel limb designs
  • Suspension isolates shock and vibration to protect your gear while on the trails
  • The rock solid low-profile mounting bases adjust to provide a custom fit on tubular or composite racks